As part of St. Cyprian’s Centennial celebration, several members of the congregation have been invited to share with the parish their experiences of being part of St. Cyprian’s community. The reminiscences shared by the speakers can be heard again on the video page of our website. The first speaker was Charles Ramsey who spoke at the end of May. Most recently on June 10th, Margaret Lowell shared her memories of growing up and living in the parish. There will be two more reminiscence presentations later on in the year.

Sundays in June

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June is the month of many parish observances: Women’s Sunday, Men’s Day, and Youth Sunday. For each of these observances, the groups contribute something special to the Sunday service. June 2, 2013 marked Women’s Sunday. Ladies of the church sat together at the Eucharist. As part of the observance, the ladies of the church invited in cooperation with the rector, the Rev. Shevelle Johnson to give the Sunday homily. Towards the close of the service, awards were presented to several ladies of the parish for their contributions to the community throughout the year.